OpenFABR Cloud Development Framework V2 Release

22 December 2022

OpenFABR CDF V2 Release Image

Since the launch of OpenFABR CDF in November 2022, we have been busy bringing the framework to more IaC runtimes. With V2, you can implement packages in cdk8s and Pulumi, which covers the majority of the imperative IaC landscape.

The use cases of these two can be quite different, according to the views in the field:

  • We have seen many large engineering organisations offering varying degree of customisation to engineers in product teams to customise their k8s provisioning. With cdk8s and now OpenFABR CDF V2, managing k8s resource can be easily built into an abstraction layer integrated into organisations' GitOps and/or internal developer platform. Technically, it is influenced by AWS CDK with a smaller set of constructs corresponding to core K8s concepts, making it ideal for the use case.
  • On the other hand, Pulumi has gained popularity among application developers as a viable option for multi-cloud imperative IaC when we conduct our field interviews in the second half of 2022, alongside CDK for Terraform which remains new to the scene. We are big fans of Pulumi at FABR and share many visions of where DevOps move towards, such as their Crosswalk for AWS initiative. This release is hopefully the beginning of more collaboration in the future.

Check it out and tell us what you think on Discord, LinkedIn, Github, or Twitter. We want your feedback. Thank you!

We are in the process of bringing out more tutorials addressing all 4 IaC runtime CDF supports for package authors. A CLI package is also in the making to help bootstrap new packages and projects built atop OpenFABR CDF.

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Written by Chen Wang, Co-founder CEO @ FABR.

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